Welcome to Week #2 of Chapter 2 x 4.0! This week will consist of Solo, Trio, Quads, and Medium SOTW & EOTW Information, and also all the new features.

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Everything you need to know about our sale can be found here.

Starting from Tonight, February 25th at 12:00AM EST our first ever 99% sale will begin! The sale will end on Wednesday, March 3rd at 11:59PM EST. Everything from ranks, crate keys, kits, and more will be on sale.


The Spring and March crate are here for the month of March! Starting at 12:00AM EST on Monday you will be able to purchase keys for both of these crates.

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Yes, Conquest WILL be coming to Cathedral. After some decision making with the head staff team we've decided to replace Faction Tournaments with Conquest.

How it works: There are a total of 4 capzones all in the same build. You can stand on a total of 3 capzones. You collect 1 point every 30 seconds. The first team to 150 points wins Conquest and will receive in-game loot. Every time a teammate dies you lose 20 points. You also only lose 0.50 DTR in the Conquest claim (NOT globally). Conquest can be contested on every Sunday and Tuesday starting this week.

The Ender Dragon event is coming back next Friday at 5:00 PM EST! Connect to the KitMap, choose a load out of your choice and head over to the End and try to kill the Ender Dragon for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card!

Everything you need to know regarding this weeks Change Log can be found here.

• /leaderboards (kdr, kills, deaths, highestkillstreak) - leaderboard users will receive rewards throught the map and at the end of it.
• Introducing Gangs and Turfs, you'll be able to create a global gang and capture turfs - this will be like a KOTH but there will be obstacles, more information regarding this will be in a few days.
• Introducing Proximity Chat support and Lunar Client Voice Chat support, a video regarding how to get this working will be posted later tonight! 
• Introducing our new partner crates, you'll be a able to purchase a partner key and write you who want to support, once you've received you can execute /partnercrates in spawn or click the NPC.
• Introducing our new partners, you'll be able to see who's partner soon.
• Introducing a few crates, keys and flares. Here they are: Valentines Flare, Reclaim Flare, SOTW Flare - Only obtained during SOTW, Valentines Key and Gamble Key.
• Introducing SkyWars, Bunkers and Practice. In a few weeks from now we're finally going to be dropping these gamemodes, We'll be hosting beta games for SkyWars and Bunkers.
• Introducing a brand new fresh blockshop, this is accessable using /blockshop or clicking the NPC at spawn.
• Introducing new prefixes, we've officially wiped all prefixes for users,we have new prefixes and we will be having new prefixes each 1 to 2 weeks.
• Introducing online High Rollers, High Roller will be purchasable next weekend.
• Introducing /disguise, we're finally given this command to MVP+.
• Introducing new ability items, you'll be able to view these ability items on the server.
• Introducing Conquest, Citadel. Here's our new schedule:
Citadel #1 is now on Monday at 4PM EST
      60 FTop Points
      6x Palace Keys

      US Conquest is now on Tuesday at 5PM EST.
      50 FTop Points
      5x Conquest Keys

      EU Conquest is now on Wednesday at 1PM EST.
      50 FTop Points
      5x Conquest Keys

      Citadel#2 is now on Thursday at 4PM EST.
      60 FTop Points.
      6x Palace Keys.

• Introducing Legendary Crate, all armor has custom enchants on it.
• Introducing new reclaims for each rank, way more OP.
• Introducing new permissions for ranks, more kits, more everything.
• Introducing faction focus using /f focus, puts a waypoint and information regarding the faction on the scoreboard.
• Introducing Daily Challenges, we've added Daily challenges to HCF! These will reward you with Crystals, a new currency which you can use to purchase things such as crate keys, partner items, global items and more.

• Introducing Outposts, At long last, we've finally added Outposts! This is a new event which is contestable 24/7 and gives great benefits to whoever is controlling it. We hope you enjoy this event
• There are two Outposts, Nether & End.Each has their rewards which will be listed below:

End Outpost Rewards:

• Passive Speed 2 in all worlds
• Mob spawning within own claim increased by 2x
• $250 added to faction balance every 10 minutes you control it
• Reduced DTR freeze (5 minutes less)
• 1 Outpost Key on capture (to the highest-ranking faction member)

Nether Outpost Rewards:
• Passive Fire Resistance in all worlds
• Passive saturation (Effect that makes it so you don't have to eat)
• 3x XP Drops
• Reduced DTR freeze (5 minutes less)
• 1 Outpost Key on capture (to the highest-ranking faction member

Here's how capturing the event works;
• If Faction A has control of Outpost they will be @ 100% capture status.
• If Faction B attempts to capture the same outpost that Faction A controls, then they will have to 'break' Faction A's Capture %. Faction B will have to get the capzone down to 0% capture status. This 'breaks' the cap and makes it an uncontested outpost. Faction B then has to capture to 100% to secure the outpost.
• NOTE: If Faction A & Faction B are on the capzone at the same time then the capture progress/breakage is paused until only one faction is on the capzone.
• NOTE: You can only control ONE outpost at a time.

• Introducing new point gaining system.

- Every kill you get in Overworld = 1 point
- Every kill you get in End = 2 points
- Every kill you get in Nether = 3 points
- Capturing an overworld KOTH gives 50 points
- Capturing an end KOTH gives 60 points
- Capturing a nether KOTH gives 75 points
- Controlling an outpost gives you 15 points every hour
- Capturing a citadel gives 150 points
Special Features
- If you make a faction radiable you will get 25% of their points
- Mining now gives mulitple points depends on the ore.

We will work around with these values if need be, however, we hope these are perfect for us.

• Bard will now give chat messages (To the bard) on how many teammates/enemies are affected by their clickable effects.
• There can now be 2 winners for the Ender Dragon Event: Last person to hit the dragon and the team that dealt the most damage to the dragon.
• /f lockclaim command Lock your claim to people not in your faction during SOTW!
• /f list lowdtr, shows all online factions with low DTR.

There may be more last minute gameplay additions/modifications/subtractions we make prior to SOTW. Those will be announced in our Discord at a later time. We look forward to seeing you all Saturday at 1:00PM EST!

You can view all other timezones here: https://everytimezone.com/s/f2ac4cd4

All HCF servers have pearling through string and open fence gates enabled!

• 1 Man Faction
• Protection 2, Sharpness 2
• No Allies
• 5 Minute KOTH Times
• 1.25 DTR (2 deaths to go raidable, lives are enabled)
• All kits enabled.

• 3 Man Factions
• Protection 2, Sharpness 2
• 1 Ally
• 8 Minute KOTH Times
• 3.25 DTR (4 deaths to go raidable, lives are enabled)
• All kits enabled.

• 4 Man Factions
• 0 Allies
• 8 Minute Koth times
• 3.75 DTR (4 deaths to go raidable, lives are enabled)
• All kits enabled.

• 8 Man Factions
• Protection 2, Sharpness 2
• 0 Allies
• 12 Minute KOTH Times
• 5.5 DTR (6 deaths to go raidable, lives are enabled)
• All kits enabled

EOTW for Duo, Mini, Sevens, and Tens will take place this Friday (02/26/2021) at 5:00PM EST.

You can view all other timezones here: http://everytimezone.com/#2018-30-3,540,cn3
• At 5 PM EST, all factions will be set to raidable and permanent death bans will take place and EOTW Koth will go live.
• After the KOTH has been captured, an FFA event will take place.